My Background

George Brown College

Currently completing the Culinary Arts Certificate in the Hospitality & Culinary Arts Department.

Durham College

Completed Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals.

Denver, Colorado

I travelled to Denver to take lessons, where I learned from professionals how to make extracts and concentrates as well as how to properly infuse them into food.


Not only is cooking a lifelong passion of mine, I also have my own cannabis prescription. I understand the needs for patients to consume THC or CBD in other methods besides smoking.


Cary Urowitz has been passionate about cooking since as long has he can remember. He is currently completing his Culinary Arts Certificate from George Brown College. He travelled to Colorado to complete classes on Hash & Extract Production and Cooking with Cannabis. He works with medical patients to create custom infusions, and helps with safe and proper dosaging. He is available for infusion and cooking lessons, as well catering private dinners.